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Globe And Mail Polls The Canadian Population On Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalization has obviously been a hot topic throughout Canada and we here at Legalite have remained diligent in covering it, particularly in recent weeks. The issue was a cornerstone of Justin Trudeau’s campaign for Prime Minister and basically secured him the youth vote, so he kind of has to follow through if he wants to have any credibility. To his credit, the wheels seem to be very much in motion at the moment and, while it still may take a while to iron out all the details, weed should be a-ok legally within the next few years.

So what does the general population think about all this right now? A new poll from the Globe and Mail and Nanos Research aimed to find out, with the results being fairly typical of how liberal Canadians have become in response to the Harper era. Here were some of the findings:

  • 68% of the population support or somewhat support marijuana legalization.
  • 30% of the population oppose or somewhat oppose marijuana legalization.
  • British Columbia had the highest degree of support with 75% while the Prairies had the lowest with 55%.
  • 51% are concerned that legalization will lead to increased drug use by people under 21; 45% do not think this.
  • 57% don’t believe that marijuana is a gateway drug, while 40% think it is.
  • 44% want marijuana to be sold at dedicated dispensaries for the drug, while pharmacies were at 43% and liquor stores were at 36% (more than one answer were allowed for this)
  • 49% want legalized marijuana to be homegrown while 48% do not.

So while there was always going to be some naysayers, it’s pretty apparent that a majority of the population is now in favour of legalization. Although it’s bizarre how many people think that it will lead to increased drug use among minors, as if the way things are now is stopping kids from getting high. And if I were a parent, I would be more concerned about my kid getting drunk while underage anyway.

Source: Globe and Mail

Image source: CBC

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