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Personal Injury Law in BC Just Became A Little Less Complicated

Personal injury law in British Columbia just became a little less complicated, thanks to LexisNexis. They recently added a brand new Personal Injury Module that focuses on British Columbia to their Lexis Practice AdvisorSM Canada.

This Module is the fourteenth added over the past two years, and its purpose is to help personal injury lawyers get more legal research, planning and executing done in less time. That means thorough, step-by-step how-to guidelines, which is expected from all LexisNexis products.B.C. personal injury law is in constant flux, and this new module is the answer to a demand for more practical guidance through this area of law in the province. These guidelines were developed with input from lawyers in Quebec, as well as in-house personal injury lawyers and key players in the B.C. personal injury bar. As is the case with all LexisNexis modules, this one includes notes, checklists, mock documents and charts, in addition to searchable case digests, medical guidance and information from recent personal injury proceedings.

All those involved in B.C’s injury law will definitely find this module useful, from new lawyers to senior counsel. It includes a skills centre that assists with all business operational inquiries, and contributions from a lawyer coach and public relations professional. Every piece of content in this new module was written and edited by leading Canadian lawyers, Whether in-house at LexisNexis, or outsourced from world-class law firms, every contributor has endless amounts of wisdom and experience to impart and does so through this module, among others in the LexisNexis library.

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