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Texture helps you stay up to date on your favourite magazines

Just because everything has moved online these days doesn’t mean that people don’t like reading magazines anymore. The issue is (pun intended) that readers don’t want to have to carry around all of their favourite print magazines when you can get so much reading material on your tablet or smartphone. That’s why Texture is taking the country by storm right now – you can get your favourite magazines directly on your mobile device. And it’s not a web version of the magazine either. It’s exactly how you would see any magazine, just on a digital screen.

These aren’t just some rinky-dink no-name magazines, either. Texture offers the best of the best no matter what kind of topic you like to read. If you’re a lawyer or law enthusiast, for example, chances are you want to stay current with what’s happening in world culture and politics and Texture features all the top North American magazines that cover this terrain. For a Canadian perspective on the world, you can’t miss out on Maclean’s, arguably the most respected periodical in the country. Otherwise, you can choose between TIME magazine or National Review or the New Yorker or Mother Jones or so many more. You’re never really going to be out of options, which is why this is such an amazing opportunity.

With the Internet becoming the new frontier of journalism, you may wonder how much you’ll actually end up using Texture. Well, you can see for yourself. There’s a free 30-day trial period so you can test out all it has to offer. Plus, for a very reasonable monthly fee, you get unlimited access to all of Texture’s titles making it a very affordable and somewhat discount magazine. If you had gotten away from your favourite magazines in recent years, this could very easily convert you back.

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