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World’s First Robot-Lawyer Created By 19-Year-Old Programmer

Legal aid never comes cheap. Unless you’re lucky enough to be related to a legal professional, chances are you’re going to pay a few pretty pennies for any form of legal advice. No matter if you need a ticket contested or insights on a work contract, making the law work for you doesn’t come cheap.

But the days in which you need to pay a human to help you with your legal woes may be over, as a British programmer has just developed what many are calling the first robot lawyer in history. And he’s only nineteen.

Joshua Browder is the innovative teen in question, who is currently studying at MIT, and has appropriately dubbed his digital lawyer “DoNotPay,” as the online service is completely free.

Originally, the project began simply as a means to aid individuals in getting parking tickets appealed, but Browder saw more potential. After finding a way in which to allow his robot to learn and compare legal phrases and requests, DoNotPay is able to aid with almost any legal matter.

While the system isn’t exactly perfect, Browder does believe the DoNotPay formula can become a serious boon to society. In Browder’s words “if it is one day possible for any citizen to get the same standard of legal representation as a billionaire, how can that not be a good thing,” as he related to

To use the DoNotPay service, all you need to do is login or sign up. From there, you can ask the robotic lawyer any number of legal queries, from “I got an unfair parking ticket. Can you appeal for me?” to “My flight was delayed on the way to Paris. I would like some compensation” and more.

You can check out a DoNotPay demonstration in the video below, but if you want to see the service for yourself, head to the official website here.

Featured image courtesy of: Pixabay

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CLA Report: Women Leaving Criminal Law at High Rate

Criminal Law In Canada

According to a new report from the Criminal Lawyer’s Association (CLA), women are leaving the practice at an alarmingly high rate that exceeds the number of men leaving criminal law.

“Low pay, lack of financial support for maternity leave, and being treated differently than male peers by judges and court staff” were listed in the study as some of the reasons that women choose to leave the profession. The study also concluded that many women dropped criminal law after 5 years and few were practicing after 10 years.

Entitled “The Retention of Women in the Private Practice of Criminal Law”, this report was released during a CLA conference in London, Ontario this past weekend and was authored by Natasha Madon and Anthony Doob. Natasha is a postdoctoral research fellow from Australia’s Griffith University, while Anthony is a professor emeritus of criminology at the University of Toronto. They assessed stats from Legal Aid Ontario, the Law Society of Upper Canada, set up five focus groups, and surveyed 225 female criminal lawyers in Ontario to come to their conclusions.

Breese Davies, vice-president of the CLA, told CBC news that these type of findings have been reported anecdotally for years. She states “we all had impressions that women were leaving criminal practice at a higher rate than men, but we never had any numbers to determine whether or not our impressions were real.”

According to the study, in 1996, 47 women started practicing criminal law and by 2004, only 13 were still practicing “substantially”.

CBC also interviewed a number of women working in criminal law and they shared their experiences noting what an uphill battle it is to remain a woman in the field. To learn more about this report and about these women’s experiences in criminal law, read on at the CBC News website.

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